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Pantsula for Christ on the cards


IN A FIRST of its kind, a gospel show featuring pantsula artistes will bless Stanley Square, Makokoba, with an unusual blend of gospel music and dance that aims at spreading the gospel of Christ and attracting teenagers to Christian enterprise.

The dance competition slated for December 27 is dubbed “Pantsula for Christ” .

Organiser of the show Nqqabutho Dube told Southern Eye Lifestyle that the show is an effort to minister the gospel of Christ, identify and nature young talent.

“There are so many pantsulas emalokitshini (suburbs) who need Christ, but are not welcomed in some churches. They are negatively stereotyped. Who will minister the gospel to amapantsula if the saints ostracise them? Jesus died for a pantsula too. We want to love them and engage them by integrating them or lowering ourselves to their level and understanding them,” he said.

“Let us not impede or limit their ideas. Let us not look down upon their contributions. Let us not underestimate their cognitive level. Being a pantsula does not always mean that someone is a thug. The reinvention of pantsula enables us to bring it to church. Matter of fact, someone can be a “Pantsula for Christ”.

Pantsula originates in South African suburbs. It gained popularity during the Sophiatown (a settlement in South Africa) era, in the 1950s.

Initially it was just a lifestyle where a certain section of the community would behave, dress, speak and dance in a pantsula fashion.

Influenced by all of the above-mentioned factors, a brand ipantsula ( someone who embraces pantsula culture) was coined. A dance form that resembles ipantsula is isipantsula (pantsula dance).

For decades ipantsula had a notorious description; a filthy knife-wielding kasi thug, who would not think twice before stabbing someone to death for their belongings.

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