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Ushering in 2015


AS I write this column I can safely say we are a few days before the New Year. We are like those restless passengers in the departure lounge of an airport waiting to board that flight destined for 2015.

None of us wants to miss that flight and with the spate of airline disasters experienced in 2014 we are all anxious about arriving alive. So we pray earnestly to God that we would arrive safely at our destination.

Anyone who has ever boarded a plane will know that there is a limit on luggage weight. Some flights are more generous than others, but the norm is a 20kg baggage limit.

You will be charged for carrying excess baggage. Despite the fact that you might be able to afford it I urge you to save the pennies and travel light into the New Year.

You don’t need to be weighed down by emotional, financial and physical baggage that you accumulated in 2014. Pack only the good stuff into your suitcase and leave the rest behind.

If you have toxic friendships that were formed years ago, but have outlived their purpose then leave them behind. You know the kind of friends I’m talking about.

They constantly criticise you, belittle your choices and are judgmental of every little thing you do. Why are you still keeping them in your life? Is it because of guilt? Stop hanging onto old friendships that wear you down and out.

Let 2015 be the year to make new friends. Be open to befriending new people who share similar interests with you, friendships that will uplift you and provide you with companionship without the headaches. The same applies to romantic liaisons.

Are you one of those people who have been stuck in a romantic relationship that is going no where? You are stuck in
Zimbabwe and she is living in Canada and has no intention of relocating. It’s been almost three years of Skyping, WhatsApping and snatched holidays here and there.

You are now emotionally exhausted and financially bankrupt because of your long-distance love affair. Are you that woman who has been in a relationship for over five years and you have been pining for that gold ring and instead this Christmas you got a gold watch?

It’s been five years, but you are no closer to getting what you really want. Are you that man who has a brotherly sisterly relationship with his wife? The flame burnt out a long time ago, but you are holding a united front for the children?

You are staying in a loveless marriage because you fear the repercussions of divorce on your family and the community at large.

Are you that woman who has been dating a married man for the past 10 years and every year he promises to leave his wife but come New Year’s Eve you are counting down into the New Year with his children?

Are you deeply rooted in an abusive relationship, but you are afraid to leave because you are afraid of being alone? Once again remind yourself that you deserve to be happy. Don’t go crying into 2015.

Are you in a job that is no longer fulfilling? You are a doctor but you would rather be designing dresses for fashion week. Your career is not going anywhere? You have been a clerk for the past five years and no promotion prospects are coming your way.

You dread the prospect of spending yet another day in the office. We spend a lot of time in a job, on average eight days of our waking lives. So you need to ensure that you wake up to a job that you love.

However, honestly speaking, a lot of us remain in jobs simply because they pay the bills and get us from one month to the next.
However, rest assured that no one became a millionaire working an eight-hour day. The most successful people in this world got rich because they decided to make money from their passion.

If your job is not giving you the fulfilment you need it’s time to change jobs and move on. Are you being sidelined for that promotion because you don’t have the right qualifications?

Maybe its time you enrolled in night school and burning the midnight oil. Stop making excuses and start earning a worthwhile living in 2015.

Whatever is holding you down in 2014 must not be carried over into 2015. It’s the excess baggage that you are carrying that is bogging you down and stopping you from realising your full potential.

Free your mind and free yourself for greater things in 2015.

Sukoluhle Nyathi is the author of the novel The Polygamist. You can follow her on Twitter @SueNyathi

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