Masola waDabudabu

THE long history of man’s existence has been dominated by the presence of fear. Weapons have been fashioned to cushion us from our perpetual fear of the known and the unknown and the seen and the unseen.

In present day Zimbabwe, people live on the fringes of fear of the political establishment.

As Zimbabweans, we are very afraid. The fear that grips us is not the fear of God, but it is the fear of an undying mortal. We are prisoners in our own castles of despair. We are what we should not be.

We pretend that we do not know what we are afraid of. We do not know why we have to be afraid. We are just afraid. We smell death the air. We breathe death by the day. We are under the terrifying siege of death.

The fear of death and uncertainty is with us day in and day out. We have been insulted with the curse fearing even our shadows. We are desperately yearning for relief from the fear of our own shadows.

Those who are causing us fear and despondency are also afraid. They fear a future that is laden with recompense and retribution.

Their fear traces from their sordid past.

Their past frightens the pants out of their backsides. As they all have pasts that are damaged, they have resolved to damage everyone’s future.

The purveyors of fear seem to have been pushed against the wall. They are prepared to defend their position of causing fear with all the blood in their veins. In their defence, those who cause fear demand some blood from the fearful people.

They demand what is not theirs from the people. They fear the consequences of being caught with their hands dripping with the people’s blood. They will defend their position of evil with evil zeal and zest.

The fear traded upon the people hangs there like a serpent’s tail. There is a dark cloud that has blocked the shine of the bright stars.

The cloud of fear makes day and night look equally dreary and scary. There is no space for shining stars anymore. It is a miserable situation. It is a dire situation.

The people fear the star that once shone bright. The star now radiates piercing rays that eat away the weary backs of the fearing people. The rays are like Bushmen arrows laced with stunning poison in their tips.

The rays no longer soothe us but kill us. The bright star has lost its shine. We dread the star. We fear the star.

The people need light. The darkness from the evil stars is killing. Where is the next good star going to come from? Where is the guiding light going to shine from?

How are the people going to see the snakes that lurk on the verges of the paths we tread on? Are the lions of despair going to be left to maul us in the severe darkness? We have never been accustomed to such darkness. We need light.

It cannot be prophecy that people live in perpetual darkness. It has to come to an end. The fear, the darkness, the suffering, the uncertainty, the despondency, the lack of confidence and the subjugation have to come to an end.

We are not destined to live in comfort on the fringes of darkness on account of our skins having a dark tan.

The people of Zimbabwe need light like all other normal beings. The fact that most of us were conceived in the dark does not mean that we should be comfortable with the man-made darkness because we were conceived in the dark. We need some light.

One day the people will sing the hymns of enlightenment. They will demand for respect from the tormentors. One day the soothing light will shame the darkness.

The people have a latent potency for unfettered freedom. One day they will unleash the potential energy they have been accumulating over the years of darkness. The results of the backlash will be extraordinary.

There will be gnashing of teeth with the people demanding light. Those who continue to indulge in obscene acts of immorality against the people using the cover of darkness will be named and shamed when the light eventually shines.

And then there shall be no fear. When light is suddenly cast upon the fearing people, the effects will be exhilarating, dazzling and liberating.

The people will not fear anything and anyone anymore. Then we shall be free again. We shall be free from the fear of darkness we shall be free from the evil forces of darkness.

We will be a proud country again.

Masola waDabudabu is a social commentator