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Cast the stone


THE background to this story was about a woman caught red handed in adultery, or pants down so to say in John 8:7.

Men came dragging a half-naked woman to Jesus, accusing her of infidelity. By the way for adultery to take place there must be a male and a female. Surprisingly, it was only the woman brought before Jesus.

Some Bible scholars suggest the accusers were jealous after the accused woman had ditched them. On the other hand, some are of the view that this was meant to be a test case for Jesus.

These men might have read about King Solomon’s wisest judgment ever. Two women approached the king. The dispute was over a dead baby. Both women had given birth.

At night, one woman slept on her child, thereby killing the baby. She quickly swopped babies taking the living baby and giving the sleeping mother the dead baby.

The two women claimed the living child and disowned the dead one. King Solomon demanded that the living child be cut in half and each woman get her share of the cut baby.

The actual mother gave in and allowed the other woman to have the child alive rather than have the baby cut into half.

Thus, was the biological mother ascertained. May be Jesus was also expected to make such a time honoured judgment. 1Kings 3:24 to 26.

A close analysis of Jesus’ teachings will reveal that he was more inclined to teaching principles than rules and regulations. For example he would say it was said, but I say.

Surface scratchers thought Jesus was contradicting scriptures when he was not, “it was said thou shall not commit adultery, but I say who so lusted after a woman has already committed adultery with her.”

The emphasis is on guarding the avenues to the mind, rather than struggling to avoid sinning.

In our world of blaming one another rightfully or wrongly, parents blame children and vice versa; the rich, the poor, the literate the illiterate, the governed and the governors or rulers.

The problem cuts across the divide. In politics, churches, business to name a few, the ruling class and the ruled, ruling parties and opposition, inter party and intra party, what is currently taking place in Zanu PF’s purging of the real or perceived sellouts or corrupt cadrés, clearly explains the deep rootedness of this holier-than-thou attitude.

When the salarygate burst, there was deafening silence. Culprits are well documented, yet they are still free men and women.

Equally, perpetrators of the Gukurahundi genocide have or are being rewarded for the massacre of more than 20 000 innocent souls, killed in cold blood.

Unbelievably, Johomes Tomana at one time was quoted saying there was no law dealing with corruption. Is that law now in place?

The new wave of sanitisation is blind to yesteryears’ wrongs and ongoing corruption and butchering of law-abiding Zimbabweans.

Poor and unfortunate souls are being harangued and harassed for sins they are accused of having committed.

Committing or non-commission of a misdemeanour is not the issue in this article. Equally, the intention is not to condone deviance.

The million dollar question is – are accusers who are dragging these poor souls to the public arena spotlessly clean of the same if not more heinous sins?

The biblical Joseph on discovering that Mary was pregnant before he was sexually intimate with her “wanted to part ways with Mary quietly without embarrassing her”.

Jesus still says today, “he who is sinless let him cast the first stone on the woman caught in adultery”. God help Zimbabwe.

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