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Back to school, but


SCHOOLS for all grades around Zimbabwe will be opening this week. Today most types of vehicles will be heading to different boarding facilities to deliver all kinds of learners.

It is the hope of all and sundry that roads   will not rob the country of any of its young citizens.

Caution, patience and diligence should direct every parent and driver as they convey students to their destinations. After a long Christmas and New Year break, students should be ready to approach their work with the diligence and the enthusiasm that school work requires.

It would be sad if some parents will use the January disease excuse not to pay for fees and levies on time. It will equally be sadder if school authorities throw out young learners because parents have not paid.

We have stated in the past that students have no contracts with schools. Parents and guardians have and they should face up to the noble responsibility of paying for their broods.

There would be the realisation that companies have paid peanuts to workers prior to Christmas.

Indeed reports have indicated that some firms under the weight of the continued liquidity crunch have paid workers by giving them exercise books or portions of ration meat to sell in order to raise money for family upkeep.

It is difficult to fathom a picture where the majority of workers will be paid in products of their work places rather than in money, but the crumbling local economy paints that bleak future for the worker. Most workers did not receive the thirteenth cheque, making it further difficult for parents to save for key family expenses.

The Ndebele adage goes indlovu ayisindwa ngumboko wayo (no elephant suffers the weight of its trunk); it serves as an encouragement to every parent/guardian that they will always find the wherewithal to support their families   if they strive to do so.

In that light, it is the hope that everybody with a child in school will make the effort to pay fees and send happy faces and not long ones to school. Compliments of the season and a happy fees-paying society!

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