Garura exhibits many talents


BULAWAYO gospel musician Clarence Garura (36), whose stage name is Kirah, is a perfect example of a multi-talented artiste.


The married father of three children is the current Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) Bulawayo manager, in addition to being a producer, MC, DJ and actor.

Garura has been honoured for his works with a number of awards, which he said have pushed him to embark on bigger and better projects.

“I am grateful to the Almighty God because he has given me the strength and vision to fulfill my dreams. I do appreciate my awards and they have put me on a competitive platform and made me believe in myself and realise that nothing is impossible with God,” Garura said.

“I am encouraging upcoming and young musicians, who look up to me as their inspiration to follow their dreams even in difficult times. My wish is to leave a legacy that would be remembered for many years to come.”

As the Zimura Bulawayo manager, Garura looks after the association’s southern region.

He is currently working on a new gospel video that should be out soon.

Asked how he managed to juggle his roles, Garura said: “Mostly l do music at home with my family. My wife has always been available for me as she is also a musician and backs my music. I am glad that my two boys are now keen in music and play the piano and keyboard quite well.”

When he is not producing music, Garura works in his garden, cooks and fashions.

He admits that remuneration in the arts industry is low, but is happy those in this sector now take their work seriously.

“The music industry in Bulawayo has room for growth if only we stop being crybabies because no one will descend from heaven to bail us out. We ought to take music as a business not as a hobby to avoid producing and feeding people with half-baked products.

“I urge all musicians in the southern region to speak in one voice and unite. They should be original and creative. Be themselves and know who they are,” he said.

Born in Bulawayo’s Pumula suburb, Garura is the fifth born in a family of eight.

He did primary schooling at Godlwayo Primary School in Pumula from 1985 to 1991 before enrolling for secondary education at Sobukhazi High School.