MDC-T official joins Zanu PF


BULAWAYO businessman, Kidwell Mujuru, a former opposition MDC-T official, has joined Zanu PF claiming he was frustrated with the high level of tribalism in the party. Mujuru, yesterday said he approached and was accepted in Zanu PF Luveve structures last week.


He said he was a “marked man” within MDC-T, who routinely suffered tribal abuses from fellow members.

“I have dumped MDC-T and joined Zanu PF,” he said.

“The main reason is that top party officials in the province were frustrating me since I joined in 2009 and I have realised that Zanu PF is the only political party without tribalism.

“Zanu PF rewards members through hard work.”

Mujuru pulled out of MDC-T in the run-up to the 2013 elections and decided to contest as an independent, after he lost in the party’s primaries.

“It became apparent during the run-up to congress that I was not wanted in MDC-T,” he said.

“There was a blanket amnesty extended to all rebels to rejoin the party but I was given conditions.

“People like (Felix) Mafa are now in the provincial structures.

“I was told not to contest any position, but remain an ordinary card carrying member for two more years.

“That two-year term expires in 2016, two years before elections.

“Technically, I will be disqualified from contesting under MDC-T ticket, as I will be considered a newcomer.”

Mujuru said he was crossing to Zanu PF “with those 800 people who voted for me while I was an independent and they are willing to follow me”.

The businessman has had several run-ins with the MDC-T hierarchy in Bulawayo.

He lost to Reggie Moyo in the Luveve-Cowdray Park primary elections, but chose to face his nemesis as an independent candidate, leading to his expulsion.

At one point he dragged party officials, Cowdray Park councillor, Collet Ndlovu to the police, claiming that they were hatching a plan to assassinate him.