Mutasa hits back at Zanu PF ‘weevils’

“A political party cannot, merely by written notice to the Speaker declare that a member has ceased to belong to it, cause a member to cease to belong to it, if the member is still a member at the time the written notice is received by the Speaker.

FORMER Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa has hit back at his adversaries in the ruling party, whom he has once again described as “weevils” who could not do anything to him.


Mutasa’s latest outburst comes after a group of national youth service graduates in Bulawayo threatened to grab farms he supposedly allocated to his purported lovers and relatives.

“They (Border Gezi) graduates are entitled to their thinking as weevils,” he said.

“They have no authority or power to do that (grab farms).”

The term weevil, together with gamatox, became engraved in Zimbabwe’s political language ahead of the Zanu PF congress last year, as they were nicknames given to warring factions in the party.

Mutasa infamously used the term gamatox, a deadly pesticide, threatening to use it against weevils that were destroying Zanu PF from within, but since then, the words took on a new meaning within the Zanu PF context.

Despite former Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo, who said he was speaking on Mutasa’s behalf, saying the former Presidential Affairs minister would not attend hearings of a newly set-up committee to hear his case, the latter insisted he would attend.

“I attended similar hearings in Rhodesia under the illegal Ian Smith regime, so this will not be the first time to sit before a committee that I know is illegal,” he said.

“Our president knows this too.”

Mutasa said he would attend the hearings with his wife and anyone who supported him.

“I shall be with my wife, my lawyer and anyone else who volunteers to be with me,” he said, before throwing the gauntlet at Zanu PF, “I hope they will allow it to be a public hearing, as there is nothing to hide.”

Mutasa has for weeks been threatening to take Zanu PF to court over his dismissal from the party. State media claim lawyers are disinterested in his case.

Meanwhile, new Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo says Mutasa’s fate has already been sealed and the disciplinary hearings would be a mere formality.