Planning your success

“THE best preparation is to do today’s work superbly well”. Those are words from Sir William Osher.

Life has seasons. Its either you are aligning yourself to the season and reap from it. A season presents opportunity and it takes someone ready to grab it.

In most cases, success is when an opportunity meets preparation. For example, instead of wailing and whining in the bad times, a wise man will prepare for the good times.

There is nothing frustrating like getting into a season of abundance without right the tools, strategies and expertise. You have no one to blame but yourself. One lesson, I have learnt in life is that “today was yesterday’s tomorrow”.

As a sane and grown up individual, there is almost a high possibility of over 95%, that what you are today is all because of your investment you made yesterday. If you did not make any positive deposit into life’s bank account don’t expect any positive return.

In my first book, The Big You, there is a statement which says: “We have to create capacity in ourselves to embrace success, capacity in the mind by sowing seeds of greatness in order to reap greatness. Sow mediocrity, you reap mediocre results.

“Do you know that we always build finished houses? Yes, through its architectural blue print. We first finish a building on paper then start building it. The opposite is usually a disaster, which is what most people apply their lives. They try to build something they do not clearly know and its subsequent result.”

The greatest mistake one can make is to assume that there are people that are responsible for their failures. Failures are self made. Earl Nightingale says: “All successful people are self made, only the successful will admit it.”

The word paradigm means pattern. The first step I took to adopt change in my life was to change my life pattern.

Change the way you think about issues in your life and how you do things. This will simply change your results.

Your plan shows where you are headed. Don’t just walk in life without knowing where you want to go. If you don’t plan, even if to hit a hall you have no one to blame. Any road can lead you anywhere when you don’t have a map or knowledge of where you want to go.

A blue print should be followed by action. This step brings your dreamt life into physical manifestation. Because you have a plan, in this step you implement your daily action programme.

Most people want success now. Instant gratification has lead most people not to love this step in life. We have to appreciate that just like a high rise building has steps, so is life.

Each step you take is always leading you to the top. Walk patiently knowing that it’s a matter of time before you get to the top.

Its takes drive and determination to be great. The route is at times so rutted you feel life giving up and resorting to unorthodox means to having what you want. Obstruction and detours are part of the journey. Don’t give up, go on!

Partnerships involve the people that help you to get where you want to be. You need to have a coach, which will help you keep the positive attitude so that you win. Find a mentor. Usually a mentor is someone who has achieved what you want to achieve.

In fact, a mentor gives you some possible short cuts that you can use. You need to have right friends.

Stay positive. It has been said that attitude determines altitude. Great people are not those without problems, but those with a positive outlook toward life. There are people that complain about overtly everything and almost anything.

They blame the weather, people and find all possible circumstances why they have or why they can’t make it. Change that and make your life work.

This is the best time to plan your life. It’s never too late to re-build your life, neither are you too young not to plan.

I have said, if I knew this when I was seven, by now I would be having over 20 books written and would have spoken to many people than I have. Instead of crying, I love the life I have not to live my day without a plan.

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