Zimpost expands e-commerce network

ZIMPOST is moving with speed to embrace e-commerce with latest revelations the quasi-government institution has to date linked online more than 130 post office out of a total of 226, Southern Eye Business has established.


Following the decision by TelOne, the country’s largest fixed network provider, to send accounts to customers via e-mail with effect from last year, there were fears in the market the institution would collapse.


Zimpost managing director Douglas Zimbango

Critics predicted the death of slow mail, which for years has been the mainstay and cash-cow of Zimpost, formerly known as Post and Telecommunications Corporation Post Office.

But Zimpost managing director Douglas Zimbango told Southern Eye Business yesterday that to date the post office has spread out its wide area network to 136 post offices out of 226, translating to 60%.

“Each office on the wide area network is now able to do transaction processing for most of the services real time,” said Zimbango.

“The impact has, however, not been felt as much as we would have wanted because of lack of alternative energy solutions in light of the constant load shedding. Management is proceeding to add more channels so that post office transactions can be accessed 24/7 so as to compete effectively with currently available mobile solutions,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zimbango said the Zimpost’s money transfer service, Zipcash, has been experiencing real growth from its inception especially given that they continue to add more countries to the list of corresponding administrations.

“This is so because Zipcash offers the most affordable transfers on the market.  The downside, however, is access, but we are currently working with our technology partners so that Zipcash is available 24/7 so as to compete effectively with other money transfer services,” he said.

Zimbango said the idea with Zipcash is to connect with all 192 member countries of the Universal Postal Union, but approvals take time to conclude because of various legislations in the partner administrations.

He said at the moment they are currently at testing stage with Kenya, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates and Uganda. Zimbango said this year they are expecting to grow the business through diversification and innovation in light of a dying core product.

He said they are currently working on a project, which if approved by the relevant authorities, will be a game changer.

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