Mavhima forgives Moyo

VICE-PRESIDENT Emerson Mnangagwa’s close ally Larry Mavhima, who was accused of plotting the ouster of Mines deputy minister Fred Moyo from both Zanu PF and the government, said he holds no grudge against the latter and wished him well in his term of office.


Speaking in an interview, Mavhima said there are no more feuds between himself and Moyo, saying the only thing that could see the deputy minister losing his posts would be failure to implement policies that tally with the Zanu PF constitution.

“Fred Moyo won his term and if there is any reason for him to be recalled that would be on his part if he fails to follow provisions guiding his duties,” he said.

“This is a very old and tired story.

“It started at Vice-President Mnangagwa’s party, when it was alleged that myself and John Holder (MP Zvishavane-Ngezi) organised people to chase Fred (Moyo) away from the celebrations.

“But this was resolved and I have nothing against him now.”

However, according to a conversation between Mavhima and Zvishavane-Runde Constituency Development co-ordinator Frank Badza, Mavhima accused Moyo of “stealing his seat” and vowed to take action to regain it.

“Thank you very much let the fight begin again,” the WhatsApp conversation shown to Southern Eye said.

“I have no regrets and I will never have.

“I am principled and not like the way you and Fred (Moyo) stole my seat.

“I am not a fool, but a seasoned politician and who is willing to redeem a gamatox, sorry for the language, but you guys take us for amateurs and people who have no brains.”

Moyo said he had not encountered direct confrontation with Mavhima, but had a few debates within the party that he said were good, as they mapped and ironed out some issues pertaining to the daily running of constituency and party programmes.

“I have not had any direct contact with Larry. Yes, I got comments that he passed through my guys on the ground, but he never directly confronted me,” he said.

“I don’t mind debating with Larry Mavhima, debates are good as long as they help and assist in developmental issues,” Moyo said.

Meanwhile, Mavhima accused Moyo of allowing Badza to conduct party programmes in the constituency arguing Badza had been withdrawn from the party after joining NAGG (National Alliance for Good Governance) then Mavambo before he started working for Moyo as the constituency development co-ordinator.

“I am surprised Moyo uses Badza for party programmes in his constituency yet he is no longer a member of Zanu PF,” he said.

“According to our records Badza never returned to the party when he joined NAGG and Simba Makoni’s Mavambo party.”

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