Farm seizure spells doom for Nathisa

NATHISA business centre, situated 62km from Bulawayo along the Kezi Road in Matabeleland South, is threatened by the grabbing of Maleme Farm by a Central Intelligence Organisation officer Rodney Mashingaidze.


Nathisa is wholly dependent on farm employees who purchase all groceries from the business centre as civil servants travel to Bulawayo for all their shopping.

According to Abigail Ndlovu, a shop owner, if Mashingaidze is allowed to wrest the farm from current owner David Cunningham, Nathisa would be reduced to a ghost centre as its viability is totally dependent on the buying power of farm workers.

“Farm workers are our customers and once the farm is taken over, Nathisa will turn into a ghost centre,” she said.

“We mainly depend on farm workers because civil servants travel to Bulawayo for their groceries.

“Rates here are the same as at Maphisa growth point and once these people are removed from the farm we will be forced to close down as it will be difficult to pay $350 per month to the Kezi Rural District Council.”

Another general dealer, Zanele Ncube, echoed the same sentiments and further said the 15 shops at the centre each employed three people, meaning that a number of families would be affected.

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