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NCA actively campaigns for Zibagwe by-election


THE National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) party has adopted door-to-door campaigns for the Chirumanzu-Zibagwe by-election scheduled for March 27.


NCA spokesperson, Madock Chivasa, said contrary to perceptions that his party had assumed a docile approach to the poll, they were already campaigning in the constituency and their candidate had been well received by the electorate.

Other four candidates challenging Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife Auxillia have been inconspicuous in the campaign for the seat.

The candidates, who will battle it out against Auxillia (Zanu PF), are Munashe Mutodza (National Constitutional Assembly), Abigail Rumbidzai Musambasa (Transform Zimbabwe), Gadzamoyo Dehwa (Good People’s Movement) and an independent, Chawaona Wilbroad Kanoti.

“We are already campaigning in the constituency,” Chivasa said.

“We are not going to have rallies like other political parties, we use door-to-door campaigns talking to people.”

He said NCA was not in the by-election just to get votes, but used the poll as an opportunity to recruit new members.

Chivasa said their candidate had received appreciation from the electorate.

“We are not just in the elections to get votes, but as a new political party, we are also using the by-elections to ensure that we recruit members to join the NCA,” he said.

“Currently our candidate Munashe Mutodza is receiving a lot of support ahead of the by-elections and we are very happy that voters in the constituency are appreciating that NCA party can represent them better than the corrupt ruling Zanu PF.”

Zanu PF spokesperson, Cornelius Mpereri, has said his party would not face any challenge for the contesting candidates, describing them as “no-names”.

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