Prof Moyo pampers Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo literally bankrolled President Robert Mugabe’s bash in Victoria Falls last month, as he donated most of the beasts that were eaten at the event.


Moyo donated 20 cattle, but his politburo colleague,

did not donate the 20 cattle he had reportedly promised.

Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda reportedly pledged two beats, but it seems he did not see out his promise.

It was reported that 90 cattle will be slaughtered for Mugabe’s do, but only a third were provided for the event.

INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo
INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo

At the time, it was speculated that Moyo and Mpofu had pledged 20 beasts in a tightrope contest to curry favour with Mugabe.

Mpofu had pledged a $40 000 donation, it was not clear if he gave that money, but the organising committee insists he had a gift for Mugabe on the day.

Of the 26 cattle that were slaughtered, 20 came from Moyo, an undisclosed number from the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services in Bulawayo, while the local community chipped in with some beasts.

After the do, two cattle were donated to Zanu PF’s Hwange district, it was revealed.

The organising committee claimed no elephant meat was eaten during the celebrations, in spite of reports that Tendai Musasa, a farmer from Woodlands reportedly donated two.

Speaking at a post mortem meeting for the birthday bash held at Victoria Falls Municipality boardroom, chairman of the local catering organising committee, Gamia Ndlovu said 26 cattle, two kudus and three buffalo were served to the thousands of people that attended the fete.

It was claimed Musasa falsely reported to the National Parks that there was a problematic elephant, which was a danger to people.

The elephant was then shot on February 25, three days before the celebrations and Musasa allegedly took the whole beast, which should have belonged to the community, and presented it as his personal donation to the 21st February Movement.

The meat was reportedly rejected and returned to the Woodlands community for villagers to share.

When contacted for comment, Musasa, who is presently in Namibia, said he could not comment on the issue as there were some issues which were being handled.

“I have no comment on that issue for now,” he said.

“There are some issues that are being handled, like how live animals should be delivered.

“Contact me after two to four weeks, l would have sorted out those issues and l will be back in the country by then.”

During preparations for the bash, Musasa was quoted in the Chronicle saying he was donating two elephants, two buffalo and a lion trophy, all worth $120 000, towards the celebrations.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, delegates expressed concern over the unfair treatment of locals who were ushers on the day and they suggested that locals and people, specifically from Harare, receive equal treatment at future events.

“We saw what happened and we will work on it.

Transport and Infrastructure Development minister Obert Mpofu
Transport and Infrastructure Development minister Obert Mpofu

“Issues that are being raised, we are going to pursue and discuss them further at national level,” Zanu PF provincial youth chairman, Tamuka Nyoni, said.

Delegates agreed to start the Hwange district preparations of the Independence Day, proposing Victoria Falls, as the host town for this year’s celebration.

A meeting will be held on March 25 at 10am to discuss and finalise preparations for the Independence Day celebrations for the district.