Gospel band regroups after 40-year silence


A GWERU-based gospel band that last performed 40 years ago has regrouped to work on an album aimed at comforting grieving families at funerals and memorial services.


The band, which was known back in the 1970s as Justice, is now called Justice Incarnate and retains the same members from the original crew.

Speaking to Southern Eye Lifestyle, a member of the group, Tinosi Mujati, said the four-member group had decided to return to the music scene to comfort bereaved families.

He said mourners needed more than just visits from church members.

“Churchmates will come for funeral gatherings, but it will be burdensome for them to sing when they are grieving the loss of a beloved congregant. This is the reason why our music is aimed at comforting bereaved families at funerals and memorial services,” Mujati said.

On their four-decade silence, Mujati said they were experiencing various challenges.

“Moses fled from Egypt into the wilderness for 40 years and he was rejuvenated enough to lead the children of Israel out of bondage from Egypt,” he said.

Mujati said they would not perform at concerts as they did not have the energy to entertain fans.

“We will leave concerts to the more energetic youths, who can jump around. Our type of music is not for such platforms,” Mujati said.

He added that they were working on an album that should be released around June this year.