Tsotsi premiere postponed


THE awaited premiere of the new movie Tsotsi by Mannex Magadzire that was scheduled for last weekend at the Bulawayo Cinema has been postponed to this Saturday.


The postponement was because consultants working with the Censorship Board advised that some clips would impact negatively on State agencies citing the example of a scene where a cop solicits a bribe.

“We had to add subtitles on the movie and remove some clips as they wouldn’t have been approved by the Censorship Board, according to some professional consultants,” said Magadzire.

“We appreciate the changes made, as it gave us the right settings for the movie on a more professional level.”

Tsotsi will now premiere at Elite 400 to cater for a larger audience expected by organisers.

“Bulawayo Cinema houses about 136 people per auditorium and if more people were to attend, it would be a challenge to show the movie twice. We opted for Elite 400 which houses 387 people as we expect a larger crowd,” said Magadzire.

He said Tsotsi had to be examined by cinema authorities so as to avoid faults similar to the last movie premiere Qiniso such as bad sound and unclear picture.

“Before the authorities at the cinema watched Tsotsi, they began to compare my work with Qiniso. I was told the premiere had poor sound and visuals,” he said.

“When the general manager watched Tsotsi, he then approved it and was satisfied that it could be shown on the big screen. We took some of the advice to refine our work.

“I can’t say it is not fair for a movie to be compared with others in general; people are bound to liken productions whether in the same category or not, but to judge our production on the basis of the previous movie before even examining our work is not fair.”


  1. The name Tsotsi must be changed as well bcz everyone will think that its the SA’s movie tsotsi.Its like u are coping why cant u give it a name which is different .Guys come on whats wrong with our creativity.

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