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Evolution of men’s fashion


MEN’S clothing has always been about covering the body, being simple and comfortable, but over the years this has changed.

In the past we have seen men in T-shirts teamed up with formal pants and formal shoes. Lately we are seeing slim suits in ox-blood red, tailored to fit perfectly and prints worn by men.

Men are going head to head with women in fashion; some men are dressing better than women. Things which were traditionally for women are being worn by men, instead of hand bags men are carrying man bags.

Manicures and facials were the activities of women, but of late we see men with neat manicured nails and flawless skin. Their jeans have become skinnier and tighter. The colour pink is popular amongst men, they have adopted every colour from blue to ox-blood red and maroon.

Kanye West, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake are some of the international trendsetters who have never had bad outfits. Their styles are different but are coordinated and futuristic in the fashion world. Pharrell Williams is famous for his mountain hat.

Uti Nwachukwu should be one of the most stylish man in Africa, his outfits are always on point and unique. Craig Zowi our own trendsetter is forever looking fab.

Men can look good and stylish too. It just depends on what one prefers and the occasion. Style cannot be bought but research on latest trends can be done.

Most men who keep up with the latest trends are in the entertainment industry but it shouldn’t be the case. You don’t need to be David Tlale or Gert van De Merwe to look stylish.

Latest trends one should have:
All white – all white has been trendy since last year. Chris Brown, Usher and Ramsay Noah have been seen rocking all white. African themed designs in white are popular as well. The outfit looks better if it is in one shade of white from head to toe.

Denim –  denim never goes out of fashion. Whether it is ripped, faded, studded or embodied, you will always look fab. Men have been seen wearing denim vests, jackets, skinny jeans and shorts.

Checked tailoring (scotch suits)
– Checked tailoring is making waves. The only problem with this trend not many can pull this off. It works better if the suit fits perfectly and worn with trainers or vintage shoes.

Varsity jackets
– Varsity jackets are trendy especially the ones with contrast sleeves. The sleeve can be a different colour, material or design than the rest of the jacket. Varsity jackets can be worn during all seasons.

Voluminous scarves – Scarves started off thin and snake like in size but over the years the sizes have increased. Scarves are an accessory  men are pulling off. Checked big and long scarves will be big this winter.

Men accessories
– Accessories are the “in thing” for men. Leather wallets, leather bracelets, beaded bracelets, necklaces, rings, nerd shades. All these complete an outfit. The more bling you have the better the outfit looks. Earrings on both ears are trendy.

Walshman Sibanda Bulawayos’ stylist and vintage guru, whos inspirations are drawn from the group The Soil has worked with Sanah designs, Annie G and Shadow among many. He says “vintage and African wear is what men should rocking”.

So men . . . we look forward to see you in vivid prints, vintage, brimmed fedora hats and checked tailoring.

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