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Simphiwe Dana opens up about heartbreak


MULTIPLE award-winning singer has opened up about how relationships can go wrong.

Dana has embarked on a “campaign of healing” for herself and her fans to commemorate the release of the third single Killjoy.

Dana has called on fans to share their ultimate experiences #Killjoy experiences.

On social media platforms  Dana shared her personal story of having been through what she now terms a “relationtrick”.

In an interview with Sunday World she revealed she is still on a healing process after a relationship went wrong.

“Sometimes in relationships we get so hurt and feel alone as if you are the only one,” she shared. “This makes you question your confidence and prettiness.

“However, there comes a time when you realise it was not your fault they were just killing your joy,” she said.

She says when you hurt, your emotions are touched and it breaks you down.

“However, there comes a time when you realise it was not your fault they were just killing your joy,”
“However, there comes a time when you realise it was not your fault they were just killing your joy,”

“When you are in a relationship and someone hurts you, you feel it, get into depression and cry your eyes out.”

Dana has learned not to blame herself for the wrong turn in love story something she has turned into a song titled KillJoy.

“The song Killjoy is about heartbreak; the depression that comes with it and what happens after you have blamed yourself for the inadequacies of your lover.

The song is also about the pain that comes with the realisation that it is not your fault and that you now have to walk away,” explains Dana.

“You will never go into a relationship with your guard up, you will meet the wrong person but don’t carry that monkey into the next one,” she said. “Never blame yourself for having come across Mr Wrong.”

Dana’s story
“Here’s my #KillJoy I met this wonderful guy, it wasn’t love at first sight, but guys can work on achieving what they want.

I felt like I had never met a sweeter guy, in our first conversation he told me his life story. He was calling me 10 times a day, texting even more.

Most of our relationship was over the phone as he lived in a different city, as time went by we would have these amazing getaways, trips, sites and more. I was convinced he was the one, she wrote.

However love came crumbling down when she stumbled across pictures of his baby mamma.

I started checking his social media as we girls often do, the first thing I see is that he has just posted a picture of his baby mama and the text said “my love”.

Now this is the same baby mama he said he broke up with. It would take some weeks for more heartbreaking truths to unravel.

I realised I had been had, tears flowed of course.

The toughest part was having to reconcile all the moments we’d spent together, To this day he still insists he loves me and wants to marry me, even though he is still posting pics of his “babymama”.

What a total #Killjoy,” she wrote.

– Sunday World

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