GSC recruits 2015 shapers in Bulawayo

GLOBAL Shapers Community Bulawayo Hub (GSC Byo), an initiative of the World Economic Forum, has started recruiting shapers for 2015 in Bulawayo as the forum moves to launch a hub in every major city in the world.


Shapers are young people trained to spearhead development in their respective communities and cities.

GSC is an initiative of the World Economic Forum, which is a network of hub developed and led by young, exceptional and driven individuals to develop leadership potential towards serving society.

A GSC consists of city-based hubs that undertake local projects to improve their communities, a direction that Bulawayo desperately needs. Hubs undertake projects to improve local communities and increase capacity for impact on each area.

The organisation has been in existence since 2014 and is currently led by local curator, Ntandose Hlabangana, together with a team of seven exceptional, driven, young individuals as shapers with the mission of building a global community of the most outstanding youths committed to improve the state of the world.

In a statement yesterday, GSC Bulawayo said the organisation had officially started recruiting shapers for 2015 and sought to shape the future of Bulawayo, once the industrial hub of the country, through integrating personal, communal and global dimensions, among others.

“GSC Bulawayoyo plans to shape the future of Bulawayo through integrating the personal, the communal and the global dimension, enabling youth to be a voice of the future in local, regional and global thought processes and a catalyst of entrepreneurship in the global public interest,” part of the statement read.

According to GSC Bulawayo, the global shapers community supported outstanding leaders under 30 years of age in working to improve the state of their communities.

Shaper candidates should be highly committed individuals seeking to develop leadership potential towards serving society as well as adhering to the highest standards of moral and intellectual integrity.

The person should possess unique qualities that distinctly set them apart from the mainstream and has entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial track record, having already initiated and delivered a major project or founded a company or organisation, or having been in an influential position as part of a larger organisation, exceptionally contributing to serving society at large.

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