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Zimura distributes royalties to members


Albert Nyathi
Albert Nyathi

Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) has released a statement to pay royalties to members indicating that distributions would start from this month.


Speaking to the Southern Eye Lifestyle, Zimura chairman Albert Nyathi confirmed the distribution of royalties yesterday.

“We have conducted a distribution for Star FM, ZBC and general distribution will be made from this month. Please note that ZiFM has not paid enough funds that would enable us to make a distribution. The ZiFM distribution will be conducted when ZiFM clears the 2013 debt,” the statement read.

The statement said 2015 distribution will be conducted following Zimura membership, starting from number one consecutively.

Nyathi said Zimura had to write off bad debts from ZBC as the two entities had agreed on actual figures for the years 2011 to 2014.

“The bad debt was based on estimates. The writing off of the bad debt was a situation beyond the board’s control. The ZBC and general distribution is based on airplay recorded in the year 2013. The Star FM distribution is based on airplay received from June 2012 to December 2013,” Nyathi said.

In addition, Nyathi said members would get a notification in their phones when their share is due.

“When your turn to collect royalties comes, you will receive a text message from the office.

If you do not receive a text message, please do not visit the office for distribution purposes as this would be an indication that you did not receive any airplay or your figure does not warrant you travelling to the office.

Those who wish to receive their royalties through the bank or EcoCash please let the office know,” he added.

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