Bulawayo artiste “duped” in Mzansi

WHEN people walk past Mazinyo, they shout A! Haha O! Hoho!

By Daily Sun

This is the name of the song on Biblos’ album, Sun of the Soil 3, which features Mazinyo.

However, Mazinyo, whose real name is Davie Ndlovhu, says all he got for his contribution was a bottle of beer!

Mazinyo, who is from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe but now lives in Yeoville, Joburg told Daily Sun: “I’m a teacher by profession, so Biblos cannot make a fool out of me.

“I lost my job at Shoprite because Biblos took me to clubs to sing and got me drunk, which led to my manager firing me. Now I can’t support my kids back home.”

But Biblos said all he wanted was to take Mazinyo off the street.

“I didn’t even release the album. I just had 10 copies made to distribute to radio stations and the media.

“If you call Samro, you’ll find that song isn’t even registered under my name. I did Mazinyo a favour because I also used to push trolleys around.”

Biblos said whenever he’s at a club in Yeoville, Mazinyo shouts at him that he owes him money.

Mazinyo says he wants at least R10 000 for his work.

Biblos claims he bought a phone, clothes, shoes and beer for Mazinyo.

“I invited him to two shows but he got drunk and ended up fighting with the venue owners. It’s difficult to help that guy,” he said.

But Mazinyo said Biblos just gave him old clothes.

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