Zim economy to continue sliding – PDP

ZIMBABWE will keep sliding the economic drain, as politicians across the political divide are at best selfish, and pursue “individualism politics”, Gorden Moyo, the secretary-general of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), said on Thursday.


Moyo said the situation was made a lot worse by the fact that the world was now fed up with the country’s long unresolved socio-political problems, and was focusing on more pressing issues such as the ongoing migrant crisis.

“The international community is tired and fed up because the country is not moving. Now it is focusing on Israel, Syria, Iraq and Greece, Zimbabwe is now out of the radar. We are on our own,” Moyo said.

Gorden Moyo

Gorden Moyo

The PDP secretary-general was speaking at a Shalom Project initiative, Church and Civil Society Organisation meet the Politician dialogue series, held at the Bulawayo Public Library yesterday.

Moyo said Zimbabwe would keep sliding backwards owing to dysfunctional politics of individualism in the ruling Zanu PF and confusion in the opposition parties.

“I confess I am a member of the opposition political movement and at the moment it is in a bad shape. As PDP, we are trying to revitalise and rehabilitate opposition politics, we want a leadership based on principles and values. We have leaders accused of being self-centred, who do not care about the populace.

“We have a leadership that is concerned about itself, not human development, relations or mind. It is about [Vice-President Emmerson] Mnangangwa and when he is taking over and [First Lady] Grace Mugabe,” Moyo said.

“I always argue that the individualism problem emanated when the country was named Rhodesia after Cecil John Rhodes. This has been adopted by every leader who has ruled, is ruling or wants to rule. Ian Smith did the same, President [Robert] Mugabe also took the spirit of Rhodes and Smith. It is important we move away from such.”

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