A Tribute to Mugabe

DEAR President,
May this letter find you in good health and high spirits. Excuse me for bringing the subject of health as I neither have any sinister agenda nor any reason to cause consternation and suspicion within your entourage of minders.

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

I only ask of your health as an extension of common courtesy.

I am mindful that there are some mischievous elements in our society who will gloat over any slight glitches in your health. I will not disregard that you have lived long and that probably you will outlive most Zimbabweans who are sickly due to indulgence in life’s excesses.

My letter to you serves to acknowledge your unlimited contributions towards improving the lives of all Zimbabweans. I hope I will be able to muster fitting superlatives to qualify your good leadership.

Although I am not into singing praises for mortals, I will take exceptions in this unique case. I will cough my lungs out singing in recognition of your service to the people of Zimbabwe.

I would like to implore you never to be bothered by your detractors, for they know not who they are dealing with. Who in their proper senses would want to condemn he who was installed and commissioned to the throne by God? Political misfits, hoodlums and scoundrels have found the space and time to attack you regarding the state of the country’s economy. It is no fault of yours that the economy is where it is today, but it is due to global trends you have no power of influence over.

Comrade President, what you have done for the people of Zimbabwe will be remembered forever. One remarkable act was ditching the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo and going your way. You restored some parity within the tribal equation and ensured that the fight against minority rule could not be undertaken within the context of leadership by the minority. Comrade President, you have always stood for the majority and up to now you run with them, eat with them and hide amongst them in the face of adversity. You are indeed a man of the majority.

In your astuteness and learnedness, you whipped the minorities into the straight and narrow path of enforced patriotism. You were able to anticipate and, therefore, avoid the Hutu-Tutsi complex of Burundi and Rwanda.

You treaded carefully in the territories of your enemies who constituted the minority before pouncing. You engaged in controlled skirmishes with the dissidents and humiliated them in the 1987 Unity Accord. Comrade, you proved that you are shrewd as well as ruthless in your operations.

Sir, we all know that if Nkomo was alive today, he would testify in support of your learned ruthlessness and scheming. Such are the attributes of a good leader. A good leader is one who is prepared to take a tough stand as if it was Sunday lunch. Your exposure of Nkomo’s traitor/liberator duality, your assumption of the name “Karigamombe” and the ultimate honour you bestowed him at his interment point to your quality leadership. Burying Nkomo at the Heroes’ Acre was the coup de grace. Is there a better way to subjugate one’s enemy than haunt him to eternity?

Comrade, you worked with the Rhodesian General Peter Walls and the Central Intelligence Organisation spy Ken Flower in a tactical move akin to “swimming with sharks to understand them”. You identified the Achilles’ Heels of the minority Whites and you pounced when it mattered. Even on this day the people of Zimbabwe are still smarting from the windfalls accruing from that victory.

The people have their land and now they do whatsoever they wish with their land. Your insistence on seizures of white-owned farms for redistribution to the majority Blacks is a gesture that will forever be recognised and attributed to you Sir.

Sir, your achievements will not be complete without the mention of how you have turned Zimbabweans into enterprising entrepreneurs. Under your watchful management, the people of Zimbabwe have acquired remarkable skills in survival. After imperialists sabotaged the economy through their punitive sanctions you embarked on an economic revival drive that was underpinned by the “Look East” policy. Since then Zimbabweans have not looked back as they do brisk business with the Orient. You have managed to create a nation of traders whose business is booming.

The people may not have enough power to run their businesses effectively, it is important to mention that you have empowered them to do business. The onus is now on these newly-empowered businessmen and women to seize this glaring business opportunity and form entities to generate power.

Obviously Sir, the people cannot be spoon-fed all the time.

I may be wrong, but I have a gut feeling that you are nudging your people to discover that necessity is the mother of invention. Your principle of guided discovery is marvellous.

Surely Sir, you are the best there ever was, the best there is and the best that ever will be. Zimbabweans are lucky to have you doing the thinking for them. May you continue enjoying power until Kingdom come!

Your faithful servant
Masola wa Dabudabu

Masola wa Dabudabu writes in his personal capacity

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