Zupa turns into fully-fledged political party

ZIMBABWE Unemployed People’s Association (Zupa) has transformed into a political party, joining several other opposition parties fighting to dislodge the ruling Zanu PF party.


According to the party’s spokesperson Innocent Ndibali, Zupa had since been renamed the Economic Corruption Freedom Fighters (ECFF).

Ndibali said Zupa’s transformation to ECFF was influenced by the deteriorating economic situation characterised by job losses and company closures.

“We could not fulfil the objectives of Zupa because we lacked political teeth, hence our decision to come up with a political outfit,” he said.

“We are already building through our Zupa structures, which are already in existence in different parts of the country.”
Ndibali said the party would be officially launched in March next year.

“We want to restructure our national economy, fight unemployment, corruption and a plethora of useless poor Chinese investments,” he said.

Innocent Ndibali

“Our economy must have a clear solid goal of creating the most effective and competitive markets, both locally and globally.”

Ndibali said it was high time the indigenisation programme was depoliticised as a way of attracting investors into the country.

He also took swipe at President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF-led government for allegedly destroying the economy.

“At independence we acquired political freedom from white minority rule, but we never got to enjoy the economic freedom as the government that took over, led by Mugabe, simply ruined it,” Ndibali said.

“It’s not a secret that when Mugabe and his cronies took over this country, it was one of the best countries, not only in Africa, but in the world.

“It was a destination of choice, not only for investors, but for tourists too, but now all that is left is history.”

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