A tribute to the suffering people


Notwithstanding the pervasive suffering afflicting most of her people, Zimbabwe’s future looks bright on account of her great people. Zimbabweans are great and they love to live in harmony with those who purvey a punitive political and economic environment towards them. The majority of Zimbabweans do not preach hate and they do not heed hateful sermons.

A Candidate Date by Masola wa Dabudabu

If the people of Zimbabwe were not insulted with the genes of servility and submission, they would not be tolerating the pain going around. The people confront life’s challenges with humility and servitude, as they remain steadfastly loyal to the institution of the land, despite being confronted by events and occasions that breach the peace of mind. There is so much that is amiss to cry about, yet the great people’s silence portrays normalcy. It is a travesty, a futility and a false economy of some sort.

Citizens of other countries would go into a trance if subjected to the Zimbabwean experience, where scarcity of honest and trustworthy leadership reigns supreme. The ongoing attempts in South Africa to get rid of President Jacob Zuma come to mind. If Zimbabweans were as hostile as some club-wielding South Africans, the equation of inequality would have been solved in a very noisy fashion. Unfortunately, the great people of Zimbabwe accept the suffering with open arms.

Most Zimbabweans are constantly on the hunt for the elusive commodity called money, so as to be able to buy some food. The people speak so eloquently and passionately about their money problems, but they do not confront the root cause. They articulate their problems so well, yet they speak no evil about the causes of a riotous money market. The white flag is up as a sign of peace and recapitulation.
Most of the people of this great motherland stay in shacks that exude poverty on the outside and smell of sub-humanity from the inside. This is one other sign of people’s abject poverty. It does not matter where one looks, there is poverty everywhere. The rural areas stink with poverty. The recently liberated farmlands produce poverty as their specialty. The ghettos in towns are an artistic display of suffering. A visitor from outside would think that the people enjoy the poverty they live in.

Motherland has failed to provide comfort to her people. There is suffering in the huts of despair mushrooming all over. There are untold hardships in the urban dwellings that house the jobless workers. The suffering and peaceful people are not raising any complaints about their living conditions. The suffering people accept their suffering whole-heartedly as if they are comfortable in their hardships.

Suffer the innocent children.

The children of the great nation are eager to learn but find it difficult to do so, as the country’s so-called free education system is under the curse of the dollar. They do battle with illiteracy and innumeracy from unscholarly battlefields with odds tilted heavily against them. The schools are mostly dilapidated and unscholarly, to say the least. It is a pity that the citizens of this great country allow their children to get education from unsuitable classrooms. The learning environment can cause injuries and illnesses spread easily.

In sickness and in ill-health, the people are delivered to hospitals that resemble deserted mortuaries. In the wards of sickness, the filth assists the fiends of sickness to prosper. The fleas born out of filth do not flee as the cleaners do token touches on the walls and floors. There is no health in the poor people’s hospitals and still the people remain silent and the silence is misconstrued to mean contentment. The sick do not get better and the pain they endure in sickness is a killer.

There is so much wrong, too much pain, untold shortages, hatred, insults, unapologetic arrogance and other iniquities that afflict this great country, yet the people choose to remain quiet. The people’s silence only affords the leadership some time to spend money and energy on their rotund selves. Those in power can know that the sufferers have no energy to challenge their indiscretions.

This is the new Zimbabwe we live in. The people have to be commended for being too loyal to their troubles, as they sacrifice the safety of their children for the continued existence in blissful comfort of the few.
The people are just too quiet for their own comfort. They need to stand up and tell the leadership that they are suffering.

If the people continue to sulk in silence, the powerful few will also continue to suck their blood just for the joy of it. In all this, it should not be lost that the people of Zimbabwe are great, and like the Phoenix, they will rise from their ashes.

Masola waDabudabu writes in his personal capacity.