Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Zimbabwe


The shine and growth of cryptocurrency in Africa are driving the financial crypto market insane. Whoever trader understands cryptocurrency well and plays it smartly, they make hundreds of profitable crypto trades. In addition to this, cryptocurrency is maintaining the world’s economy in this COVID-19 pandemic. All the developed and developing countries are striving for the excellence of crypto tradings. Cryptocurrency usage is increasing day by day in every country. Now traders believe that they can grow their business just by a click of cryptocurrency.

Like all other countries, Zimbabwe is just like another part of Africa struggling to achieve incredible gemstones with cryptocurrency adoption. However, numerous traders in Zimbabwe are ready to stake their money into cryptocurrency investments and transactions. The purpose of such doing is to make more money and to spend a luxurious and prosperous life in Zimbabwe. But, cryptocurrency is also threatening its traders with an increasing ratio of illicit transactions and other online scams.

Regardless of all these issues, Zimbabwe still catches many investors who can exchange and trade via the Peer-2-Peer platform. Along with cryptocurrency, several crypto trading platforms hold particular importance, providing the best strategies, affordable budget, and security in crypto exchanges. Similarly, there are exchange platforms mentioned below through which Zimbabweans can trade crypto at the best prices. Moreover, Zimbabwe also holds an incredible bitcoin trading history with the help of various platforms. You can visit website to know more about it.

  • Ok Coin

Okcoin is a Chinese-based well-recognized bitcoin exchange. With Okcoin, you can ensure the traders extremely convenient bitcoin trading. This platform was launched in 2013, claiming to provide the best crypto trading strategies. It also aims to help the crypto traders by offering several payment methods to access affordable prices.

Moreover, Okcoin supports several famous currencies. These currencies include USD, Zimbabwe Dollar, and CNY. Mostly Traders in Zimbabwe have switched to OK coin for trading cryptocurrency.

  • eToro

eToro is the perfect choice for traders in Zimbabwe. It offers its services by combining three necessary crypto tradings: crypto wallet, trading platform, and crypto exchanges. It provides its clients more than the things they need. This platform sincerely understands the trader’s need and the liquidity of the cryptocurrency. eToro aims to deal with it by providing the best affordable prices for trader’s cryptocurrency.

  • Coin Mama

The roots of the Coin mama crypto trading platform are based in Israel. Like other mentioned platforms, coin mama also offers several helpful options for the traders. The purpose of the coin mama trading platform is to provide accessibility to the crypto exchanges of traders without any complexities. If we talk about the payment methods of Coin mama, it does offer several trendy options such as credit or debit card and high-speed limit buying. Moreover, eToro is capable of operating its services in different 188 crypto-fertile countries.

  • Binance

As the name tells, it is another Hong Kong based Bitcoin trading platform with generous offers for traders. One of the biggest perks of Binance is that it is way cheaper than other platforms. It usually starts from 0.1% only. Binance uses a multitude of languages to make your crypto transactions easy and smooth. For the storage of funds, it provides the bitcoin wallet and exchanges it at a good time.

  • Kraken

Kraken has proved to be an ideal bitcoin trading platform in Zimbabwe if you are a non-tech-savvy person. Although the prices of Kraken are a little high, it aims to provide a guide so that you only prefer suitable options while doing any crypto transactions.

Also, the account verification process is straightforward and easy on Kraken. It is ranked as the trusted crypto exchange having thousands of traders who choose it to operate crypto tradings.