Hovhorosi style for Pokello


FOUNDERS and designers of the popular Hovhorosi $tyle overalls and dungarees which hit the country by storm earlier this year have designed caps and T-shirts for one of Zimbabwe’s representatives in the Big Brother Africa (BBA) house, Pokello Nare.


Hovhorosi $tyle designer James Pande said they were working tirelessly on Pokello’s promotional material which is already being distributed to fans by Team Pokello.

Team Pokello are the administrators of Pokello’s Big Brother Facebook fan page, Team Pokello Big Brother Africa Season 8.

“Team Pokello approached us to design posters, fliers, T-shirts and caps for Pokello’s fans and we did so. Demand is very high so we are constantly busy in the factory printing more and more promotional material,” Pande said.

Pokello’s posters are written: “Vote for Pokello, Zimbabwe’s chance at Big Brother: The Chase 2013 . . . Team Pokello”, the caps are written “Team Pokello”, while the T-shirts have links to her Facebook support page.

The promotional material will be used to garner support for Pokello both locally and internationally as plans are underway to distribute the material across the country’s borders.

For one to win BBA, they need a lot of support and votes from people, not only from their country but from other African countries as well.

Therefore, it is necessary to reach out to these people through social networks and by using promotional material to spread the word.

With less than a week in the house, Pokello has already caused waves amongst fans and non-fans of the show with some Zimbabweans saying they would never support her and actually want her out of the house.

This is mainly because of her sex tape with rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme which leaked two years ago.

Such reactions from people are to be expected as BBA thrives on controversy to keep the show going.

The more people talk about a certain character, the more people tune in to the show to watch that character.

Meanwhile, another Zimbabwe representative, Munyaradzi Hakeem Mandaza, is lucky as he has not been criticised so far.

The model’s Facebook page, Vote Munya Hakeem Mandaza BBA8: The Chase, is also popular with many with more than 8 000 followers.

Pokello’s page, Team Pokello Big Brother Africa Season 8, now has over 13 000 followers.