Councillors blame pupils for deaths


THERE was heated debate at yesterday’s full council meeting as some councillors labelled schoolchildren who are killed in road accidents as negligent.

Report by Chief Reporter

At least three pupils, one from Founders High School, were killed last week while going to school.

At a full council meeting last night, councillor James Sithole bemoaned high death rates of pupils as a result of being knocked down by cars.

Sithole said council should consider erecting speed humps outside school premises.

It was at that point that councillor Jennifer Bent said pupils were to blame.

“What Sithole is saying is not all that true,” he said. “I am the area council and should know better. Children are to be blame for accidents.

“They just jaywalk across the streets and do not cross at zebra crossings.”

However, Phineas Ndlovu came to the defence of pupils.

“No one is careless,” he said. “Long back Founders High kids never used to cross roads to school.

“The white kids were taken by cars unlike our black kids who now come walking from all over.

“Children are not careless councillor.”

Even mayor Thabo Moyo’s cautioning remarks were ignored. Councillor Lot Siziba supported Bent.

“Children nowadays do not care and that is why they are hit,” he said. “They forget that cars kill.”


  1. the councillors are proving to be ignorant accidents do happen but let us not blame kids what if the driver was wrong…

  2. this story makes sad reading…..the said councillors should not be re-elected again….they are a disgrace to society

  3. Our City Fathers and Mothers should be sensitive in their remarks considering that families are still grieving the loss of these young lives. I can’t understand how responsible adults can gather around & blame one for their own death. Instead they should have , say , engaged the Traffic safety board and launched a citywide campaign to curb the scourge. Beware elections around the corner!!

  4. am the author of the article ..have been to council meetings since 2001 but Wednesday session was depressing ….councillors who contributed showed no remorse … readers as a follow up article what are your suggestion? contact me on

  5. dis counsilor is a damm FOOL a disgrace to da pple of zim. If i eva meet ù ma 1st question will be wat public awarenes campaigns hv ú carried out 2 skul children.

  6. It may be clear that probably these councilors have no kids going to school, or else they would not talk like this

  7. May all our sisters and brothers who died in these accidents ,souls and spirits rest in eternal peace..HOPE God will judge these councillors accordingly .Its painful to accept that in those clear uniforms you were knocked down ..

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