Mazibisa to set up empowerment programme


A PROMINENT Bulawayo-based lawyer is set to launch an empowerment programme for entrepreneurs in the Matabeleland region.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga

Sindiso Mazibisa of Cheda and Partners law firm and president of the Southern Stars Foundation (SSF), will launch the Mthwakazi Empowerment Fund at Magwegwe Hall today.

In a statement released yesterday, SSF co-ordinator Khumbulani Malinga said the empowerment fund, will run under the theme “Development you can trust, Empowerment you can touch”.

“The project will be launched by the foundation’s president Mazibisa, a prominent lawyer in the city,” Malinga said.
He said the project was brought about by the realisation that the people in the southern region had been promised empowerment that was “intangible, tortoise moving and seemingly a pie in the sky, by many institutions within the government.”

“This has forced our people to lose hope and embrace despair,” Malinga said.

“The foundation noted with great indignation that our people have been taken for a ride by (people) harbouring selfish, egocentric and narrow agendas without the people at heart.”

He said it was high time the foundation took a stand, filled in the gap and worked with all people from the southern region to deliver real empowerment programmes.

“The project is at the same time a corporate responsibility obligation by the president of the foundation Mazibisa, to give to the community that natured and groomed him.

“Thus the first port of call is the Magwegwe community where he was born and bred,” Malinga added.