DA disqualified from Zanu PF polls


BULILIMA district administrator Ethel Moyo’s political aspirations were cut short after her application to stand in the forthcoming Zanu PF primaries was turned down because she did not meet the set criteria.

Report by Albert Ncube

Zanu PF last week published its rules and regulations governing primary elections.

“All aspiring candidates must be registered voters and fully paid members of the party who should have served as office bearers at district level and above for at least five years,” the guidelines read.

“Those willing to be parliamentarians must in addition have adequate political, economic, cultural and social knowledge of Zimbabwean affairs to contribute meaningfully.”

Moyo confirmed she had submitted her application to contest for a parliamentary seat in Bulilima, but refused to comment on the reasons behind her disqualification, although sources within the party said she was disqualified because she had been a member of the party for less than five years.

“Why don’t you ask those that disqualified me. Which party did you want me to stand for? It is difficult for independent candidates to win,” the DA said.

Moyo said she will adopt a non-partisan approach to her work, despite publicly declaring her membership to Zanu PF.

“l will not resign, but continue to execute my duties in a professional manner and please do not write a damaging story about me,” she pleaded.

The Public Service Commission issued new guidelines for civil servants who want to participate in this year’s elections, allowing them to resume their employment if they lose or when they leave politics. A circular released early this month to all government departments states civil servants should resign once their nomination papers are accepted.