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LIVE UPDATES: MDC rally, Chikomba – 12 July


Southern Eye brings you live updates from Chikomba, Mashonaland East- where Minister of Commerce and Industry and MDC leader Welshman Ncube is set to launch an election campaign and introduce party candidates.

Updates by Tinotenda Samkange in Chikomba

16:50 – He wraps up by thanking other parties present and pays tribute to all the Chikomba candidates for their contribution to the success of the day.

16:39 – Ncube talks about the high unemployment rates brought upon by Zanu pf. He urges Zimbabweans not to try their luck by putting a clueless man in power.

– Ncube calls Mugabe a bigger devil and Tsvangirai a smaller devil and says he dislikes Mugabe for his bad deeds.

16:14 – He says he will desist from a coalition of convenience.

16:11 – He urges his candidates to desist from Mugabe’s way of approach in every area. He says he is not a boss, but a servant of the people.

16:09 – Ncube urges MDC candidates to lead by example.

16:05 – Welshman Ncube takes to the podium and is met with cheers and ululations from the people.

15:59 – People break into song as they wait for Welshman Ncube to make his speech.

15:53 – He says MDC-T is a political party driven by selfishness. Ends his speech with a song.

15:50 – He says Ncube is smarter than his two rivals.

15:49 – “If Mugabe failed for 33 years, what magic can he come up with in the next 5 years to suceed?” Chimbaira.

15:45 – He says MDC will never enter into a coalition with MDC-T.

15:42 – He takes a dis at Tsvangirai, saying he is uneducated and is a womaniser.

15:41 – Chimbaira says says his MDC-T rival , Pineal Denga is going around plucking out MDC posters.

– Chikomba MP candidate Goodrich Chimbaira now on the stage.


15:14 –The band resumes as people wait for the next speaker.

15:12 – He rounds up by wishing the country well.

15:10 – He talks about his relationship with the late General Solomon Mujurua and emphasizes on his continued respect for Mujuru.

Part of the crowd at the rally.
Part of the crowd at the rally.

15:09 – He says he it was only last Friday that he reached a consensus with MDC led by Ncube that they became one political party.

15:07 – He says he talked to Ncube in December 2012, urging him not to engage in an agreement with any party without considering what happened between Zanu PF and ZAPU.

15:04– Dabengwa says he supported Simba Makoni, so that Tsvangirai would lose the elections.

15:02 – Dabengwa talks about Gukurahundi and how Zanu pf was taught to kill by the North Koreans.

15:00 – Dabengwa takes to the podium again. He said Nkomo was tricked by Zanu PF.

14:57 – The SG mocks Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

1453 – UMD Secretary General introduces UMD candidates and says his party is working with Ncube.

14:51 – UMD Secretary General, gideon Magadzire, takes to the podium, urging people to vote for Ncube.

14:49 – He takes a dig at Morgan Tsvangirai’s modest educational background.

14:47 – A student representative on the podium now.

14:41 – MDC candidates are introduced.

14:39 – Singing resumes.

14:35 – Dabengwa takes to the podium, there are cheers from the people.

14:32 – Mukaratirwa urges women to go and vote for the devolution of power.

14:31 – ZAPU Vice-President Emilia Mukaratirwa takes to the podium.

14:27 – Dumiso Dabengwa is also part of the members attending the rally.

14:25 – Welshman Ncube has just arrived in Chikomba.

MDC supporters in Chikomba. (Amateur Photo)
MDC supporters in Chikomba. (Amateur Photo)

13:46 – A convoy of commuter omnibuses has arrived with Ncube’s fans, all of them in their Green Machine regalia.

13:38 – Ncube expected to arrive in an hour’s time.Meanwhile, party members continue singing.

13:25 – School children at Madzivire Primary and Secondary Schools are to be dismissed early today to pave way for the rally scheduled to take place in their grounds.

13:03 – Of the 8 official vehicles at the rally, 6 are JOMIC vehicles.

12:52– The event is yet to start, MDC members are steadily gathering, all in one accord singing praise songs.

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