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Generations star opens up on divorce


JOHANNESBURG — Bishop Keith Harrington shot to fame when he “married” Generations actress Sophie Ndaba and then, just two months after they tied the knot in December 2011, the hurtful gossip began.


Most damaging of all were questions on the validity of his qualifications in the ministry.

Drum magazine claimed to have copies of documents that prove he did, in fact, graduate from a seminary in California, US, in 2004.
The couple’s separation in June 2012 was heavily publicised and shockingly, it was revealed that the couple’s union was never legal as it had not been registered.

While Ndaba (40) subsequently discussed the break-up in several media interviews, Harrington remained steadfastly silent about what really happened.

Now, in his first post-split interview, Harrington has shared his views on why the relationship failed.

Generations star Ndaba said she and Harrington reconciled after she publicly announced that they had separated for good in June 2012.
“We tried to work things out. The reason I kept it a secret was because I wanted to try this without people knowing and interfering. I needed to see him for myself,” she explained.

But Ndaba said it wasn’t working out and that was even more obvious when Harrington brought a woman he had dated back in his past into their lives.

“That woman kept on popping up in our lives and home and we had a big fight over it. I even called two pastors to talk about her,” Ndaba added.

In the past, the actress accused Harrington of threatening her with a gun after he had accused her of cheating on several occasions.

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