Two locked up for attacking Zanu PF members


TWO Beitbridge residents, accused of attacking Zanu PF members and tearing their clothes, have been further locked up in remand prison after the State invoked Section 121 of the Zanu PF.


Itai Gombe and Alice Mugariro were arrested in Beitbridge on July 10 over assault charges after they were accused of having physically attacked and torn the clothing of two Zanu PF members, whom they had had an altercation with earlier.

Represented by lawyers from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), Gombe and Mugariro were on July 12 granted $50 bail each when they appeared at the Beitbridge Magistrates’ Court.

But prosecutors applied for the bail to be suspended while they considered challenging the ruling.

ZLHR yesterday condemned the use of Section 121 which immediately suspended Gombe and Mugariro’s bail order for seven days pending the filing of an appeal by the State at the High Court.

“ZLHR feels that there is an urgent need for intervention in order for such repressive and unconstitutional practices to be brought to an end and for accused persons to be afforded their basic rights and freedoms,” the lawyers said yesterday.

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