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LIVE UPDATES: MDC-T Bulawayo rally, July 20


Southern Eye gives you a live report on the MDC-T rally in Bulawayo where the party leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is addressing a rally this afternoon.
13:27 Tsvangirai arrives at White City for his rally, the stadium erupts with noise and wild cheers.
13:45 Gorden Moyo takes to the podium, he says on August 1, Zimbabwe will wake up to a new president, Tsvangirai.
13:55 Theresa Makone now addressing the MDC-T rally.
14:02 Chamisa says Baba Jukwa is giving Zanu headaches, Tendai Biti now to address.
14:13 Biti says the calm of the past 5 years, is just an appetiser of what is to come from an MDC-T government.
14:17 Tsvangirai’s wife Elizabeth now about to address.
14:25 Macheka emphasises peace and unity ahead of elections.
14:37 Simba Makoni says he regrets splitting votes in 2008.
14:43 Makoni claims a number of people in Zanu PF tell him they want to leave the party, but are scared… said same thing in 2008.
14:45 Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe now takes to the podium.
14:54 Khupe says her party will assure every bodied person gets a job, quite ambitious.
15:00 Tsvangirai steps up.
15:04 Tsvangirai says he knows Mugabe lost in 2008, but refused to give power.

Multitude of MDC-T  supporters wave the open palm in support at White City Stadium, Pelandaba, Bulawayo.
Multitude of MDC-T supporters wave the open palm in support at White City Stadium, Pelandaba, Bulawayo.

15:06 Tsvangirai says Mugabe should thank SADC for keeping him in power.
15:09 Mugabe will be remembered for everything that is wrong with Zimbabwe – Tsvangirai.
15:11 Tsvangirai, like Mugabe, believes his party can do better if it is given a mandate to rule on its own.
15:14 MDC-T will change culture of bad governance, change the culture of chiefs, who should be apolitical.
15:18 Tsvangirai says there can be job creation if the factories that Kasukuwere closed are re-opened.
15:18 Tsvangirai says Zanu PF took CSC from Bulawayo to a place that does not even have goats.
15:28 Tsvangirai says 10% of the budget should be allocated to develop Matabeleland.
15:29 Tsvangirai says Sipepa Nkomo and the Mtshabezi water project were sabotaged by Zanu PF.
15:34 There must be compensation for Gukurahundi victims and there should be a national reconciliation commission – Tsvangirai.

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