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What’s your drive?


ARE you ready to die for what you believe? Do you get fulfilment from what you are pursuing as your passion?


Doing something that you are not passionate about is like the experience of being in a marriage with someone you do not have feelings for. In the book The Big You I have written: “Know your potential, pursue it, maintain it, upgrade it and you will definitely explode into your destiny.”
There are three potent “P”s that I want you to think about:

We are created for a purpose and great achievements. The power, function and purpose of a thing are the reasons why it was invented and it stands to reason that God created you for a purpose.

Generally, if one does not know their purpose or does not act their purpose, they are simply crouching down to the value of chaff that is tossed to and fro by the wind and does not get anywhere, Chaff does not have a destiny.

Myles Munroe (2001) in his book Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men says: “Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.”
There are some people who are specialising in doing wrong things right. Why? Simply because they are pursuing things they are not supposed to.  They are not getting any satisfaction out of it, but they persist doing it. People need to know their real zone where they will dominate.

At times ignorance on how a thing should work is tragic and it leads to the abortion of dreams.

Talking to Jeremiah, God said: “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto nations.”

If I could say it in today’s language, God was saying before your mother was pregnant with you in the womb, His mind was pregnant with you as an idea and you were wired with instructions on how you should work and even before you were born He approved you to function in different facets of life. God knew the purpose of Jeremiah more fully than Jeremiah himself.

Everyone is precious and of great value. See yourself as that. You should not allow yourself to be called names. We do not need to find identity from looks, money, media, make-up, peers and power.

Everything, be it a product or creation, is always identified with its source and its ability is mainly dependent on its source. We were created by God and in his image and after His likeness. This alone makes us possess the spiritual and the chemical make-up to dominate and have creative power that God has put in us.

The best yardstick to measure against your potential is not what other people have accomplished, but how God has uniquely crafted you and the deposits of greatness that He has put in you. You are your own competitor. The best person you compete with is the seed that God has put in you.

We can make it in life. We can be what we have always dreamt. We need to be broad in our thinking. We do not need to think outside the box since there is no box anywhere. This is a brimless world that has always needed limitless brains. The best days lie ahead.

Your past successes are little compared to what you can still achieve. The past might have bruised and battered you, but still the best days are coming. Look deep into what you are carrying. You are a God’s masterpiece and you carry great reservoirs of potential!

Parting point
A famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi goes: “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”
In life, people who think positively achieve what the odds define as impossibilities. Real self discovery makes one achieve real results and be counted with the greats of this world. Discover yourself!

Be your real self and do not try to be someone else. Begin to see potential, power and prosperity deep inside your heart and this will propel you to the crest of the wave.

Everyone has seeds of greatness that need to be sown so that they can spur up and bring bright results.

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