LIVE UPDATES: MDC-T Star-Rally, July 29


Southern Eye gives you a live report on the MDC-T Star-rally in Harare, where the party leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is set to address people.

Updates by Tapiwa Zivira and Tinotenda Samukange

END: Introductions of Tsvangirai’s family are made to call this rally off.

305pm: Elizabeth, Tsvangirai’s wife arrives and reiterates her husband’s message of peaceful voting.

3:03pm Tsvangirai urges people to pray for peace ad he ends his speech to wild cheers.

3:00pm: Tsvangirai urges people to manage their emotions in the event of an MDC-T victory. “As I stand here I am a survivor I was beaten arrested and harassed but I am not bitter I have forgiven my tormentors so should you.Under my leadership throw away your tormentors and join me in rebuilding the nation. I want Mugabe to enjoy his retirement in peace i want to show him how a country is run-not by violence and impunity but by the love of the people. As soon as we will election we want to change governance to separate between the party and government
On economy we want to improve employment”

14:48pm: We will have free education for primary school children. We will ensure all bi-lateral agreements are for the benefit of Zimbabwe.We will make security sector professional so that they promote peace. I will work with the security sector leaders for the good of the country. We have lost cadres along the way and let us honour them by voting on July 31. Peace and inclusivity is what our government believes in.

2:42pm Tsvangirai says: “After all has been done Mugabe is coming at an advanced age to seek a new mandate. I think the most honorable thing that Mugabe can do is to respect the intelligence of Zimbabwe.

2:25pm: I respect government institutions and observers but what I will not support is a willful subversion of the will of the people.

2:33pm: Mugabe stole the 2008 election and now I tell him not to dare do it again.

2:32: Zec is not up to that responsibility and with all the shenanigans around the voters roll Zec officials must resign.

2:28pm: With two days to the election I do not have the voters roll. It is either Zec is complicit or has abdicated from its role.

2:22pm: Today’s problems cannot be solved by yesterday’s people

2:21: Mugabe has resorted to telling folktales at his rallies. The rallies have been his farewell to people.

2:20: Tsvangirai on the podium.He tells the crowd to cheers:”On Wednesday we are going to make a historic decision between democracy and dictatorship. We will choose between the past and present. It is not political but just a generational choice.”

2:19pm Khupe urges people to rally behind Tsvangirai. Chamisa adds by alleging that Zanu PF is threatening villagers in Mudzi with party officials telling villagers to “record the last three digits of the ballot paper serial numbers.”

2:18 pm Khupe takes to the podium

2:16 “Do not burden a 90 year old Mugabe with another presidential term.

2:15 Makoni urges disgruntled Zanu Pf members orchestrating bhora musango to just come out and support MDC-T

Makoni:2008 we learnt a lesson that had my votes and Tsvangirai’s votes been merged there would have been a clear winner.

13:55 He dances on stage.

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Mobile Picture
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13:23-Bishop leads the prayers as the main event is about to start.

13:10Amid deafening cheers as the Prim Minister arrives.

The results of the Presidential election of 2008.
The results of the Presidential election of 2008.

13:08-Morgan Tsvangirai arrives.

MDC-T Supporters
MDC-T Supporters

12:54-Simba Makoni arrives.

MDC-T Supporters
MDC-T Supporters

12:11-Morgan Tsvangirai yet to arrive.

MDC-T Supporters
MDC-T Supporters

12:00-There is a massive traffic jam along Robert Mugabe Rd,as vehicles carrying MDC-T supporters are driving in.

MDC-T Supporters
MDC-T Supporters

11:58-Today’s rally is a major event that is a litmus test of the loyalty of Harare people to the MDC-T

11:35-One collapses at MDC-T rally as thousands of supporters continue to pour in.


  1. yowe nyika yose zvayave yaTsvangirai, nemasoja nemasoja, kuzoti CIO yacho zvese nemapurisa maiwe zvaatohwinha Tsvangirai uya.

  2. And someone has the guts to say Tsvangirai does not have support? Pasina kana amanikidzwa kuuya kurally! The day has come!

  3. this is a true depiction of the numbers who voluntarily wanted to be there…they were not frog marched to rallies. Even God does not mess with freewill, freewill, munhu anoita zvaanoda…and with the MDC you can see people love it sincerely. isu muma office we wish we could have gone…but we say NEVER AT 90!


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