Gweru braces for water shortages


GWERU’S main water source, Gwenoro Dam, is running dry as it is now only 5% full, amid fears of a serious water shortage in the Midlands capital.

Report By Stephen Chadenga, OWN CORRESPONDENT

Assistant town clerk Tapiwa Marerwa told a business forum meeting last Friday that the dam would run dry before the rainy season starts.

He said the city council was planning to drill 36 boreholes to augment the water supplies.

“As at July 31, our major water source was at five percent full bringing serious challenges to the city’s ability to supply water until the next rain season,” Marerwa said.

“We are in the process of drilling 36 boreholes in a bid to address this challenge.”

He revealed that Amapongokwe Dam, which was used as back-up source of water, was 45% full, but pointed that it could not supply the whole city if it was brought on stream.

“Amapongokwe, which is Gwenoro’s back-up dam is at 45%, but can only supply 40% of the city hence it is posing a serious challenge for us,” Marerwa said.

He said the council was revamping sand filters at Gwenoro at a cost of $298 000 to improve the water delivery system.

Marerwa said Gweru had no option but to introduce serious water shedding because residents were not using water sparingly.

“We have residents who continue using hosepipes despite the crisis we face and tight water shedding can be the only option in the circumstances,” he said.