Council suspends water rationing

THE BULAWAYO City Council has temporarily suspended water rationing in some parts of the city so as to facilitate the smooth flow of the ongoing Zimbabwe National Youth Games, but water levels at remaining supply dams, are still critical.

Chief Reporter

The 11th edition of the games began on Sunday and competitions are taking place at various sporting arenas in the city.

According to a latest weekly water update, levels at Bulawayo’s supply dams continue to dwindle, with an average of 44,18% capacity.

As of yesterday, the supply dams had 183 173 988 cubic metres, out of a potential capacity of 414 627 700 cubic metres.

Mtshabezi Dam had 52 000 000 cubic metres and is 98,9% full, while Umzingwane has
11 031 885 (24,7%), Insiza Mayfair is 62% full with 107 737 911 cubic metres and Lower Ncema has 7 732 785 cubic metres, translating to 42,4 %.

The report said on Sunday the city’s overall consumption was 121 914 cubic metres up from 120 620 cubic metres on Saturday, as winter begins to give way to summer.

Bulawayo’s average daily water consumption is about 100 000 cubic metres.

In the period under review, Mtshabezi Dam contributed 6 608 mega litres on Thursday and 6 762 mega litres on Friday.

Bulawayo has been implementing a stringent water rationing regime as the supply dams water volumes continued dwindling. Initially water rationing was implemented for 48 hours per week, but was later increased to 72 hours per week.

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