Man sues company over $2 200 car deal

A BULAWAYO man has taken ChyCry Trading, owned by car dealer Dumisani Mutorera, to court after he was allegedly duped of $2 200 in a car deal in March.

Richard Muponde

William Dhanda has sued the company at the Small Claims Court, seeking reimbursement of his money with interest and the cancellation of the business contract. In his particulars of claim, Dhanda said he went into an agreement with the company on March 26 to buy a Mazda Demio, which was to be delivered to him.

“The agreement in paragraph three above was on condition that he pays a deposit of $2 200,” part of the claim reads. “Plaintiff duly paid the sum of $2 200 as per the agreement.”

Dhanda said despite demanding his vehicle on July 18, ChyCry failed to deliver the motor vehicle as agreed.

“ Due to non-performance of the defendant, plaintiff claims cancellation of the contract and refund of $2 200, plus interest at the rate of 5% from July 18 2013, being the date of demand to date of full and final payment,” he claimed. The matter is still to be set down for hearing.

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