Tsvangirai draws crowd in Gweru


GWERU — Gweru came to a standstill yesterday as hundreds of MDC-T supporters thronged Midlands Hotel chanting leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s clan name, Save.


Tsvangirai and the MDC-T national leadership met with the party’s provincial structures in a closed-door meeting.

The Midlands Hotel, along Second Street, was literally blocked as supporters chanted “Save icremora” referring to Tsvangirai’s totem.

When the MDCT-T leader left the hotel just after the lunch hour, a crowd blocked the entrance chanting party slogans and jostling to greet him.

MDC-T organising secretary Nelson Chamisa said this was part of consultative meetings with party structures across the country.

“The president is meeting with party structures across the country to hear reports on how the recent elections were conducted and to map the way forward after the disputed July 31 polls, which were rigged by Zanu PF,” he said.

“The rigging of this election was shocking. The way the elections were rigged in various districts is unbelievable.”

Chamisa said Zimbabweans deserved a free, fair and credible election after the disputed one.

“People deserve a free and fair election run by an independent electoral body on a digital platform,” he said.

Chamisa also defended the party’s position in the selection of mayors saying it was meant to guide councils to choose the best candidates.

“In the past, what the party did was not hands-on, now we are going to have hands-on and hands-in council to make sure we deal with whoever is corrupt,” he said.


  1. for how long are we going to be told that the election was rigged without telling us how? its pathetic, tsvangirai was outfoxed by mugabe full stop. what did he think was happening when mugabe made it a point that welshman was not supposed to be part of monday principals meeting?

  2. Rigging was in many forms from multiple voting, intimidation, lying & threatening villagers, illegal registration, using fake details, so many such that no one method will be accepted as enough to single handedly overturn the results. That was the strategy. So mentioning one method is fullhardy.

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