High Court opens with 23 murder cases


BULAWAYO High Court will open today for the third term with 23 murder cases lined up for trial including that of a Kezi man, who had been on the run for 12 years, after striking his wife to death with an axe over infidelity.

Richard Muponde, Senior Court Reporter

According to the criminal cause list, the High Court was initially scheduled to open last Tuesday, but it was deferred to this week to accommodate the Supreme Court circuit, in Bulawayo for the whole week. However, the Supreme Court only sat for one day last Monday and concluded all the six matters on the court roll.

The Kezi man, Vincent Dube, allegedly struck his wife Memory Nobukhosi Ndlovu with an axe twice, leading to her death.

Dube had suspected his wife of having an affair with a local teacher.

After allegedly committing the offence, he crossed the border into South Africa where he stayed for 12 years and only resurfaced early this early, leading to his arrest. Controversial black empowerment activist Sonny Chasi’s case is also set for trial.

He is being charged with murdering his wife, Dorcas Majola and raping his daughter. Chasi committed the murder after he found Majola pregnant on his release from Connemara Open Prison, where he had been serving a seven-year-jail term for fraud.

He demanded Majola reveal who impregnated her, but she declined to tell him.

Chasi is facing six counts of raping his then 12-year-old daughter in 2008.

Justice Martin Makonese last term postponed Chasi’s matter, after partly hearing it, so it could be allocated more time, since it involved a lot of issues including six counts of rape and murder Chasi’s daughter had led evidence in court pertaining to the rape charges.