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Masvingo tycoon, Zanu PF activists collide


MASVINGO property tycoon Lamson Lambart has accused two Zanu PF activists of violating a court order after they broke into his property in the city last month following their eviction.


Zanu PF supporters — Matilda Kamanda and Bonface Gumunyu — were evicted from one of Lambart’s properties, stand number 287 along Hughes Street, but reportedly returned by force.

Last week, Kamanda and Gumunyu filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court in Harare seeking to reverse the eviction saying it was granted without their knowledge.

But Lambart in an opposing affidavit said High Court Judge Justice Priscilla Chigumba granted the eviction order after his lawyer Everson Samkange applied for it in terms of the deed of settlement signed between the parties on April 5 this year.

“I submit that the applicants are in contempt of an order by this honourable court and they therefore have dirty hands,” the businessman said.
“Applicants were directed to vacate the first respondent’s premises on September 6 2013.

“Contrary to the writ of ejectment served on the 4th of September, applicants remain in occupation of the premises. “They have refused to vacate. “In defiance of the court order and in complete contempt, applicants broke into the premises and took occupation (on) the night of September 9 and have therefore not complied with the eviction order.”

In another affidavit filed at the High Court on July 25, Lambart accused Kamanda and Gumunyu of abusing Zanu PF’s name to perpetuate lawlessness.

“The applicants are applying the law of the jungle and undermining the integrity of the government and Zanu PF as a party,” he said.

“Applicants seek to hide behind political connections to evade compliance with the court order.

“All my life, I have been staying in Masvingo and I also support Zanu PF.

“I submit that it is not Zanu PF‘s policy of not respecting the courts of the land.

“Applicants are bad elements who are putting Zanu PF into disrepute,” he added.

High Court judge Justice David Mangota reserved judgment in the matter to Tuesday next week.

Zanu PF supporters early this month held demonstrations at the Indian property tycoon’s offices, threatening to take over his buildings and held him hostage for four hours after pasting his car with protest Zanu PF posters, as well as those of President Robert Mugabe.

They demanded that he hand some of his properties over to them saying this was part of Zanu PF’s indigenisation policy.

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