Injiva crushes brother’s head with hammer


A MTSHABEZI family in Umzingwane district is searching for answers after their South Africa-based son allegedly stabbed his 12-year-old brother several times before crushing his head with a hammer last Tuesday.


Perfect Mpofu, who was reportedly killed by his brother Persistence (24) at a flat owned by their aunt in Yeovile, Johannesburg, was buried in the Matolokisini area year yesterday morning.

Grief-stricken relatives told Southern Eye they suspected the Bloemfontein-based Persistence was possessed by evil spirits and plans were afoot to send him back home when tragedy struck.

On the fateful day, he allegedly, without provocation, stabbed his brother using two knives.

The blades reportedly remained stuck in the boy’s body after the knives broke due to excessive force.

Persistence then crushed the boy’s head with a hammer, splattering his brain on the walls.

Limon Mpofu, the deceased’s father, said he was still in a state of shock following the gruesome murder.

“I’m really confused and shocked,” Mpofu said. “I have lost the young boy and if his brother is examined and proved to be normal, it would mean that I have lost him as well as he would be sentenced to death or life in jail.”

Mpofu said Persistence had brought his girlfriend and young child to Johannesburg from Bloemfontein, so he could introduce them to the family.

“He came to show us his pregnant girlfriend who comes from Plumtree. They now have a child together,” he said.

“Persistence had a serious quarrel with his wife and his behaviour made us think that he was becoming mentally ill. We had to tie him and take him to Hilbrow Clinic where they gave him an injection.”

Mpofu said his son was transferred to Johannesburg Hospital where he was examined and the doctors said he was normal before discharging him on Sunday.

He said Persistence left his Johannesburg home saying he was going to see his girlfriend at his aunt’s flat in Yeovile.

“We spent the whole day looking for him until Monday morning when he came back,” Mpofu said.

“As a family, we were already making arrangements to raise money to bring him back home so he could be exorcised of the evil spirits which we think are haunting him. When he came to my Johannesburg home on Monday, we shared the same bedroom.

“The following day, he asked me to accompany him to see his wife whom he had left at my sister’s place in Yeoville.”

Mpofu said in Yeoville they visited a pastor who was conducting prayers at a mountain.

“When we were at the mountain, my friend called me saying he wanted to give me money since I wanted to take Persistence to Zimbabwe for healing,” he said.

“I then left Persistence with Perfect and advised them to go back to my house in Johannesburg.

“Instead, he went with his younger brother to their aunt’s residence in Yeoville where they found children only.

“After having entered their aunt’s flat on the fourth floor, Persistence allegedly produced a knife and threatened to kill the children, including his younger brother,” Mpofu added.

“But the other children escaped and Persistence caught up with his younger brother on the second floor and took him back to the fourth floor.”

Mpofu said Persistence then took the boy to the bathroom where he allegedly stabbed him with two knives.

“The handles of the knives were found at the scene. He took a hammer and allegedly crushed his head with it,” he said.

“After that he removed his blood-stained clothes and put on clean ones before falling fast asleep at the flat.

“He was arrested while asleep after other children who escaped informed the police. He is in police custody as we speak.”

Mpofu said he was returning to South Africa to follow up on Persistence’s case.