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15 injured in kombi accident


AT least 15 people were injured in an accident involving two kombis, a B1800 pick-up truck and a Toyota Hilux along the Luveve Road near the Mpopoma turn-off yesterday.


picture by Anesu M Mutasa


All the injured, who were passengers in the two kombis, were rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital.

An eyewitness said the accident was caused by the driver of a white kombi driving along Luveve Road towards the city centre.

“The driver of the white kombi applied emergency brakes when he was given a sign by another driver coming from town that city council police were clamping cars at Matshiphisini near the flyover bridge,” the witness said.

“The B1800, which was following just behind the white kombi, also applied emergence brakes, but the Toyota Hilux behind rammed into the pick-up truck.

Picture by Anesu M Mutasa

“When the driver of the white kombi realised that he had caused an accident, he tried to make a U-turn, but a red kombi then smashed into the white kombi.”


picture by Benjamin Khumalo


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