Cara vows to groom future Zim tennis stars


CARA Black says her lengthy absence from the sport following the birth of her first child made her realise how much she missed tennis and would want to remain involved in the sport when she hangs up her rackets.


The Harare-born former world number one women’s doubles tennis player said she would want to play a role in grooming future Zimbabwean tennis stars to ensure the legacy she and her siblings have left behind remains alive.

However, Black admitted she always thought that once she retired it would be her last involvement in the sport.

“Before I took some time away from the sport I always thought that once I’m finished with playing tennis, that will be it.

“But I realised when I stopped playing the last time that I really missed the sport,” the 10-time Grand Slam Champion said in a wide-ranging interview last week.

“I love the sport so much that I would love to stay involved, be in coaching, setting up an academy or something like that. That would be my dream.

“Just to give back to the children especially in Zimbabwe and keep the tennis programme that we have going.”

“I hope that what I and my brothers have achieved over the years has been an inspiration to the youngsters and that will carry on in the future.

“We can help them to become good tennis players and hopefully make it on the pro circuit.”

Black has in the past conducted training clinics with young players whenever she was in the country on holiday.

She, however, said she would love to do more, but at the moment was being prevented from doing so by her busy schedule while competing on the professional circuit and taking care of her first child Lachlan.

“Unfortunately I haven’t started yet. I’ve been too busy at the moment. Taking care of the little one and competing professionally is a little too demanding right now.

“But like I said, in the future when I’m not playing anymore, that would be something I’d love to do,” she added.