‘Zesa knows what they did to our son’


THE family of Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) electrician Clinton Mhlanga, who was electrocuted while servicing a 33-kilovolt transformer in Collen Bawn last week Friday, says it has come to the conclusion that there was foul play in the death of Mhlanga.


They said some of Mhlanga’s colleagues had come forward and informed the family of a longstanding dispute between Mhlanga and his principals dating back to 2008.

Mhlanga is said to have requested to be transferred but was continuously turned down. Speaking at Mhlanga’s burial at West Park Cemetery in Bulawayo yesterday, his uncle Atlas Moyo said it looked as if Zesa had something to hide.

“You saw it for yourselves, we gave his employers an opportunity to say what happened, but all of them they ran away; this very is bad,” Moyo said.

“Some of his friends told us that our son was never in good books with his manager. He applied for a transfer and was turned down. So what should we do as a family?” Moyo said.

He also said when they phoned Mhlanga’s boss in Gwanda, he kept cutting the phone.

“We phoned Mhlanga’s boss but he was rejecting our calls as a family. We thought his superiors would come and explain to us, but they are just quiet at a time we need answers immediately because we are not happy.”

Mhlanga’s aunt Samukeliso Silengani said they had demanded to be taken to the site where the fatal accident had occured for them to understand what really transpired.

“These people from ZETDC are not forthcoming but they must take us to the site. We also need a field report on what happened because we are hurt, particularly by the way these ZETDC people have conducted themselves during the whole process from the time of his death up to the burial of our son,” Silengani said.


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