Domestic violence cases decrease in Byo


BULAWAYO recorded a drop in cases of domestic violence in the first quarter of this year with 2 654 cases being heard in the city’s courts compared to 3 141 in the same period last year.


Recent statistics presented by Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development ministry provincial development officer Vaidah Mashangwa showed that Bulawayo courts handled a total of 2 654 new domestic violence cases from January to March.

Ward 26 councillor Norman Hlabano said there has been a reduction in the number of people who report domestic violence in his ward in Emganwini.

“The issue of domestic violence is there but there has been a notable decrease in the number of cases that are reported,” Hlabano said.

He said his ward held frequent meetings to address the issue of domestic violence and this could be attributed to the decreasing reports in domestic violence.

Ward 24 councillor Gideon Mangena said men were the main perpetrators of domestic violence in society.

“In most of the cases that come to my attention, I have noted that it is the men who promote domestic violence and whenever this issue is addressed, men seem unhappy, which is very disturbing,” Mangena said.

Mashangwa encouraged communities to familiarise themselves with the Domestic Violence Act that has a provision for third parties to report perpetrators of any kind of domestic violence.

“It is a good sign that members of the public are free to report abusers so that justice is rendered, though there are more of women reporting domestic violence issues,” she said.

Mashangwa urged the Bulawayo community to work together to fight the issue of domestic violence so that come 2015, it will be a thing of the past.