Editors should take advantage of Zim Asset: VMCZ


THE Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) has urged editors who fall under the Zimbabwe National Editors’ Forum (Zinef) to take advantage of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socioeconomic Transformation (Zim Asset), the blue print of the new political dispensation.


Addressing editors (from both the public media and private media) at a local hotel, VMCZ Media Ethics Committee chairperson Tapfuma Machakaire said they should engage the government and take advantage of its economic blueprint agenda.

“It is important for journalists to uphold ethics of practice and professionalism because the new blueprint seeks to develop the country and the government cannot develop it when the media is polarised.

“I urge all editors to take advantage of the current situation because the government will work closely with every department,” Machakaire said.

He also said in the new political dispensation largely influenced by Zim Asset, the media will now be placed at an advantage
because the wielders of power in the parent ministry have shown commitment to working with everyone, hence the need for editors to develop their organisations along the dictates and the trajectory of Zim Asset.

“We should take advantage of the new system because after the current five years, if we fail to correct issues such as polarisation, maybe the new minister who will come in will not tolerate us and the sector could go back to the problems that have compromised the standard of practice in the country,” he said.

The event was attended by editors, VMCZ members and media commissioner Lawton Hikwa.