Student assaults colleague with steel pipe


A JZ MOYO High School student, who assaulted a colleague on the head, back and hand with a steel pipe following a misunderstanding, was yesterday sentenced to three years that was suspended for the next three years.


Leslie Ndlovu (17) had pleaded guilty to an assault charge when he appeared before Gwanda magistrate Sheila Nazombe.

Prosecutor Jefta Nyikadzinashe told the court that on October 14, Ndlovu was sweeping the corridor when Joseph Zimusa (21) stopped him saying he should clean later as other pupils would mess up the floor soon after he finished.

Ndlovu refused to stop and then Zimusa pushed and insulted him.

The following day at around 3am, Ndlovu armed himself with a steel pipe and struck the sleeping Zimusa several times all over the body resulting in him sustaining some injuries.

Nazombe said Ndlovu needed serious counselling and serious prayers for him to deal with issues of anger management because if he did not get help, the next time he appeared in court he would be facing a murder charge.

“I am so shocked and don’t even know what to say,” said Nazombe. “Have you ever exhibited such anger before? You are a dangerous young man. You don’t solve an anger issue by retaliating. You are bound to have misunderstandings whenever, but what is important is to learn to resolve matters amicably without any fight or violence. You behaved like a real criminal in this case,” Nazombe said.