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Maintenance haunts Gwanda man


A 36-year-old Gwanda man has been taken to court by his ex-wife for defaulting on maintenance for his three minor children.


Itai Dumi of Vumbachigwe Mine was ordered to pay a fine of $200 or face 30 days in prison when he appeared before Gwanda magistrate Ruben Mkavhi yesterday.

The court heard that on October 1, the Gwanda Magistrates’ Court granted Dumi’s ex-wife Ronica Sibanda maintenance for their three minor children.

On that same day, the court ordered Dumi to pay $100 per month.

It was stated that Dumi knowingly failed to deposit the money into Sibanda’s account thereby defaulting.

Dumi said the court did not give him a chance to tell his side of the story and said he had already taken his children who are now being taken care of by his mother.

Mukavhi told Dumi that he should have followed court orders than do things his way.

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